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A Safe and Fun Summer Camp in Jacksonville, FL

The coolest youth summer camp in North Jacksonville, Florida, is now accepting new participants ages 5 to 12! Both parents and kids absolutely love our fun, safe, and affordable summer camp. Each day from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., children participate in a variety of stimulating activities, while making new friends.

Action-Packed Sports:

  • Martial Arts Classes - Perfect for beginners, your child will become bully-proof, more confident, and safer around strangers.
  • Cheerleading - Your child will love learning cheers, dances, and routines.
  • Tumbling Classes - Our tumbling class is a blast!
  • Basketball - We teach players how to dribble, pass, and make 2-point and 3-point baskets.
  • Flag Football - Players learn how to pass the football, catch touchdowns, and run cool plays.
  • Soccer - Children have so much fun dribbling, passing, and scoring.
  • Kickball - Kids learn about teamwork and try to kick home runs.
  • Dodgeball - This thrilling game helps improve reaction speed and reflexes.


  • Inspiring Educational Games - Your child will stay smart and focused over the summer.
  • Sight Words & Flashcards - This helps kindergartens and first graders improve their reading abilities and memory.
  • Intriguing Math Worksheets for All Ages - Children practice these skills each week.
  • Science Projects - Your child has the opportunity to think outside of the box and learn about science in new ways.
  • Arts & Crafts - Improved creativity, sharing, imagination, and much more are the results of weekly arts and crafts.

Youth Summer Camp, Jacksonville FL

Summer Camp, Jacksonville FL

Captivating Games:

Awesome New Game Room - It's filled with cool stuff that kids love.
Video Game Systems - Video games are full of action, fun, and activity.
Lego Building Stations - Your child's creativity will soar!
Barbies™, Littlest Pet Shop™, & Superhero Toys - When played in groups, these toys improve your child's communication skills, ability to share, and increases teamwork.
Chess, Checkers, & Mancala - Children develop winning strategies and brain power.
Hot Wheels™ - This is good, old-fashioned play with racetracks.

Additional Activities:

  • Educational Wrestling
  • Bounce Houses
  • Talent Shows
  • Karaoke
  • Baseball
  • Tug of War

Secure Environment

As a parent like you, we take great pride in hosting a welcoming youth summer camp where children are encouraged to reach their goals. We understand how important it is for you to know your child is in a bully-free, structured camp with coaches who have passed a level 2 background check, are First Aid, CPR, and AED certified, and are properly trained to make your child's experience amazing.

A Season of Fun 

As a parent or caregiver, you don’t want to listen to endless refrains of “I’m bored” or “What are we going to do today?” from your child. That makes for a really long summer and isn’t much fun for anyone. It’s never too early to begin planning how your young one will be spending school break! Give your child a fun and creative outlet by signing them up for All-Star Youth Sport, a fun and interactive summer camp in Jacksonville, FL. 

We offer full-day camps, so you don’t have to worry about securing childcare for your kids before or after your workday. You can drop them off early when camp starts and pick them up safely at the end of the day. It gives you peace of mind that you won’t be scrambling for a babysitter all summer long. To make things easier, we offer a few different membership options for convenient payment planning.

Physical and Mental Growth 

We believe that a healthy mind and a healthy body are all part of one lifestyle and that’s why we choose to focus on both elements with our educational summer camp. We provide games and activities that exercise the brain in addition to complement all the physical activity we provide. 

Your little one will be a happy camper this summer when you let them grow and flourish with All-Star Youth Sport. 

Contact us today to help your young one have a terrific summer by attending our camp. We proudly welcome campers from Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding area.